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“Good afternoon ma’am, I’m from Barry’s Vacuum Cleaner Sales.”


“Please allow me to come in and demonstrate the 1935 Marx-O-Matic Suckmaster Deluxe, the vacuum that didn’t work then and doesn’t work now. Let’s just pretend it really works. And if it doesn’t work we can always blame someone else.

Let’s also ignore the fact that it has already killed over 100 million people.

This model is guaranteed to make you Hope for Change.”

The Scurrilous ClaimThat Republicans Want To Sabotage The Economy

This is a familiar claim made by some on the left, and it does not stand up to scrutiny.

Remember that many on the right are supply-siders. We know that reducing taxes will often spur an economy. We know this because it has been proven out a number of times. The most recent example would be the Bush tax cuts of 2003. GDP growth increased considerably after these cuts.

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Income and Capital Gains tax revenue also increased. These cuts did not cost us, they did not increase the deficit, that is another common liberal lie.

Conversely, tax hikes are often recessionary, this is basic Economics 101 stuff.

If I were in the GOP controlled congress and I really wanted to sabotage the economy, I could do it easily. All I would have to do get a bill passed that increased the upper marginal income tax rate (and only the upper rate) to 40%. Then I would increase the Capital Gains tax to 25%.

By the way, for those of you who are (NEA union goon) math challenged, that is a 67% increase, not a 10% increase. Here is the math:


((25/15) -1) * 100 = 67% increase

If the Republicans in congress were not patriots, and if they were willing to make the country suffer to damage Barack Obama that is all they would have to do, raise taxes.  Isn’t this what Barack Obama says he wants?

Do you really think the Democratically controlled Senate would be stupid enough to actually pass a similar bill? Do you actually think Barack Obama would sign it?

I tend to think that even these poor misguided demand-side Keynesian fools would know better than to increase these taxes. But these hypocrites will still attempt to make people believe that tax increases would help reduce the deficit.

I think Barack Obama is clearly an economic illiterate, he must have been cutting class and smoking crack when he should have been attending lectures. So it is possible that he would go along with such foolish increases.

The result would be dramatic, and Americans would suffer economically far more than they are suffering now.

This silly claim is probably a matter of projection on the part of liberals and progressives. For them their cause is more of a pseudo-religion. Progressives would be far more likely to take action that would do great harm to the country, if they thought it would further their “noble” cause. Progressives are notably more un-American and anti-American. They are quite capable of putting their ideology ahead of their country. Republicans and conservatives are far less likely to put their ideology ahead of their country.


The most important question is: Who broke the economy?

The best evidence is that this is more the doing of a big and intrusive government than it is Wall Street.

But dishonest leftist progressives are desperate not to be blamed for the mess they did so much to help create. If voters swallow this dishonest spin, more progressives will be elected and the economic suffering will be prolonged.

How long must Americans suffer before they get wise to the failure of big-government liberal policy? If we want less government corruption, we need to work for a smaller government.

It is foolish to expect a party that is so vehemently anti-business to have a clue about how to encourage business. It is foolish to expect people as dishonest as many of those on the far left to admit their own culpability.

It is insanity to suggest raising taxes on anyone in a soft economy. If the GOP really wanted to sabotage the economy they would do exactly what Barack Obama is asking. The Barack Obama presidency will go down in history as a huge economic failure.

Perhaps some of these protesters can read and comprehend signs.

Quote:“By any definition, America is no longer a Western nation.”

Read The Article in…

My reply:

America is the only West left. Europe has never been big on guaranteeing freedom and individual rights.

Europe can rejoin the West after they have deployed their own Tea Parties. Over the decades the New World has robbed Europe of too many of their best thinkers and doers. What remains in Europe is a statistically higher incidence of lazy, non-thinking, corrupt losers, and freeloaders. (Europe may be slowly recovering from this brain drain, but it could take a very long time, maybe forever. The huge influx of Muslims, and their lack of assimilation does not bode well for the EU either.)

Socialism/Marxism/Progressivism always fails. Obama has given America a priceless gift, a graphic demonstration of the failure of leftist/statist policies.

America exists (and thrives) to a large degree because of the failures (over time) of Europe.

Izzy Weird


(The writer dumped on the US, so Izzy decided to dump on the EU a bit. ROTFL)

Check out this choice quote:

“Take the Tea Party, which has enjoyed godfather-like bankrolling from brothers and billionaire industrialists David and Charles Koch and found a mouthpiece in Rupert Murdoch’s populist, hatred-stirring Fox News.”

Hah! The Tea Party is one of the most grassroots movements recently seen in the USA. And this leftist whiner from the political side of George Soros has the chutzpah (and the familiar leftist dishonesty) to accuse the Tea Party of being funded by some evil force. The writer is obviously way-off on the uber-left and angry at the US right-wingers.
(Give it up. Show us some real evidence or stop wasting our time.)

I listen to Progressive Talk Radio a lot. Liberals are livid and whining loudly. This is a very positive indication for the future of the West, and maybe even the EU.

Imagine someday in the future we will have a balanced budget, smaller government, and lower taxes. Visualize limited government, a very important aspect of preserving our freedom.

Join me, and hold my hand brothers and sisters. Close your eyes, and visualize. Visualize (and imagine) true human compassion has once again replaced involuntary seizure and redistribution.

Maybe not in my lifetime, but the Tea Party is headed in the right general direction.

Obama: “The congress took too long to raise the debt ceiling”.

This is what Obama says caused America do be downgraded by Standard & Poor’s.

The “Buck Passer in Chief” once again illustrates his dishonesty and his typical liberal cowardice.  Liberals are desperate to avoid any blame for the current economic conditions, even though they are to a large degree responsible.

This is what liberals are about:

1) Unabashed dishonesty in support of their cause

2) Always attempting to blame others for the consequences of their disastrous policies

3) Total inability to take responsibility for their actions

4) Promoting policy that is anti-growth, anti-business, and anti-employment

How long must America suffer before throwing these leftist bums out?

Will the Democrats ever abandon their liberal/progressive “religion” in favor of honest, intelligent, rational, and logical thought?  (I had to laugh as I typed that.)

Nuking yet another liberal lie, “Medicare is more cost-efficient than those evil for-profit private health insurance plans.”

Oh those evil corporations, making a disgraceful 4% average profit.

The truth is when you look at administrative costs correctly Medicare is more expensive, and less money gets to the patient.  This is true even though private insurers incur taxes of about 2-4%.

And when you factor in the cost of fraud, then there is no contest, about 10% of Medicare cost is wasted in fraud.

Honestly now, how often have you ever seen a public sector service that could out-perform the private sector?

Given the fundamental importance of maintaining a limited government, how much more cost-efficient would the public option need to be for it to be justified?  Even if Medicare were more efficient (instead of less) how much additional efficiency over the private sector would a public option need to achieve in order to make it worth the risk?   Is there no risk imposed by growing government by that much?  The consequences are things like tyranny and corruption, the historically familiar symptoms of a government that has grown too large and powerful.

When liberals and progressives try to tell you Medicare is less expensive, and a public option would be more efficient, just tell them they are once again lying their slimy butts off.

Want another (even more dramatic) comparison? Contrast Social Security with the ordinary interest of an insured bank account.  If you had put all the money you and your employer contributed over your working life into an insured bank account instead of Social Security, you would have a comfortable retirement income, not just a measly back-up income.  Social Security is an inefficient government gyp, and an enormous waste of money.  Government has no business being directly involved in retirement plans, back-up or otherwise.  Nor does it have any business getting directly involved in health care or health insurance.

To learn more, read these articles:

Progressive Talk Radio is Phony Talk Radio

So-Called Progressive Talk Radio Isn’t Really Talk Radio At All.

That is unless you consider people talking about only one side of the issue real talk radio.  For me it isn’t real talk radio unless there is at least some degree of debate.

These liberals on the radio go on and on about stuff that would be so easy to rebut.  But they almost never open the phones for rebuttals, generally you only hear callers who agree with the host.

I have been listening to our local “progressive” station, AM1090 KPTK.  You see the same thing with liberal web sites and forums too, they avoid the opinions of those who oppose them.  The Democratic Underground will not even allow you to post unless you are a liberal.  Liberals create their own phony opposition, fictional straw-man right-wing opinions that are blatantly dishonest, and often to the point of being patently absurd.

Contrast that with right wing talk radio were many shows actually seek out opposing opinion because it is so entertaining.

Below are a couple of examples freewheeling propaganda I recently heard on AM1090 KPTK (“Seattle’s Progressive Radio”).


“Taxes are not high enough, they were once much higher.”

The host was peddling the familiar old canard about the upper marginal income tax rates being as high as 94% in the 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s.  The host was correct and was stating fact in the case of the rates themselves.  But when he went on to claim that those making higher incomes actually paid that much, he entered into the all too familiar realm of liberal dishonesty.

The truth is, few people paid anywhere near that much income tax.  Why?  Because, back in that era there were many deductions and tax shelters available.  Only poor suckers paid anywhere near 94%, people who won contests and lotteries, people who had sudden windfalls and were thus unprepared.

Here is another important fact this liberal host omitted.  Even though those rates were ridiculously high and today’s rates are lower, those who are taxed at the upper marginal  rates pay more of the total income tax burden today than they paid back then.  In fact, it can be argued that today people in the middle class are not paying their fair share of the income tax burden.  It can also be argued that people in the upper income tax brackets are paying more than their fair share.


“Conservatives do not consider Hispanics to be real Americans.”

Another host claimed the GOP and other conservatives, including Tea Party people do not consider Hispanics to be real Americans.  He went on to claim conservatives oppose immigration.  You see, without disagreeing callers these leftist fools can say just about anything.

The truth is there are many Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and other minorities in the GOP and among the several Tea Party groups.  Conservatives are more likely to treat all citizens as equals.  It is the liberal Democrats, the “progressives” who see Hispanics as yet another group to exploit in the furtherance of their party and their leftist cause.

What conservatives really oppose is not immigration, but rather illegal immigration.  This dishonest talk host simply left out the word illegal in his entire rant.  The host put up a racist, xenophobic, straw-man that was a total flight of fantasy.  Then he proceeded to tear the poor straw-man apart.  How very brave they are, these peddlers of Marxist/Socialist tyranny.

No wonder so many liberals visit political web forums repeating this same silly stuff.  But the liberals who listen to progressive radio and then post on open web forums are in for a surprise when they see these claims being rebutted and totally refuted.   How often have you witnessed a liberal spouting the current leftist talking points?  But when they are challenged what happens?  They fold, call names, or try to change the topic.  Progressive radio, and progressive web sites have given them the talking points, but their depth of knowledge is usually about as thin as a paper bumper sticker.

No wonder progressive talk radio is such a bore.  Most progressive talk radio hosts are too cowardly to debate anyone with opposing viewpoints.  And liberalism is very difficult to defend.  No wonder so few people listen to left-wing talk radio, and so many people listen to right-wing talk radio

The lack of opposition phone calls on left-wing talk radio speaks volumes.


(Imagine a liberal under the influence of a truth serum.


We liberals believe the average voter is stupid and incapable of making important national policy decisions, or even selecting effective national leadership.  We honestly believe that American voters are easily mislead, and that money can buy any election.  We are willing to say anything, and do anything to assure that the right people  –  our people  –  win elections.  We have a very low opinion of the average citizen.

We have no problem excusing election fraud.  Notice how it is the Democrats who most often oppose any form of election reform that would prevent us from rigging elections.  If you are too stupid to know what is good for you, our activists will nullify your vote.

We have no problem excusing blatant lying for our cause.  All we say is, “Don’t get caught”,  and try to make your spin as plausible as possible.  The progressive cause is too important to worry about silly things like facts and honesty.  After all, the truth is subjective and situational anyway.  The truth is what we imagine it to be and nothing more.  Americans are so brainwashed about issues of individual rights and freedom that they would reject most liberal-progressive policy offhand if we told them the truth about it.  That is why we must avoid describing our true agenda to the public.  If liberals told the truth only a small minority would ever vote for us.


We assumed the 2006 and 2008 elections were a mandate for liberalism.  I guess we were wrong about that.  The phenomenon of the Tea Parties blindsided us, and took us totally by surprise.  We never expected such a huge backlash.  We must continue to demonize the Tea Parties in the hope of destroying their credibility.  We must try to portray them not as grassroots patriots, but as misguided bumpkins, racists, extremists, and puppets of corporate America.

The Tea Parties and talk radio are examples why liberalism and progressivism cannot survive in an atmosphere where there is free political speech.  We absolutely must silence this vociferous opposition if liberalism is to survive.

You cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater, and you cannot use hate speech against those who are promoting the great liberal-progressive agenda.

The loss of independent voters in the 2010 election spells disaster for the liberal-progressive agenda.  If we don’t convince the vast number of independent voters to support us again there will be no hope for us in the 2012 election.  This is a full-scale emergency for all progressives, liberals, and Democrats.  Absolutely anything goes, we must regain our power, and when we do we must silence the opposition forever.


Who cares about Giffords?  She was a Blue Dog Democrat anyway.  She opposed Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House, and she is strongly in favor of “protecting our borders”.  We need these undocumented workers to pretend to be citizens and help us swing elections.

And how about this little nugget?  Rep. Giffords is a gun rights advocate.

Who cares about the other victims as well?  This isn’t about the shooting, people are murdered in the U.S.A. every day.  Seriously, who really cares?  Our agenda is far more important than these little pawns, these little people.  This is a golden opportunity for liberals and our liberal lapdog media to promote the liberal-progressive agenda by discrediting our detractors and our opponents.

We must not be ashamed of exploiting a tragedy like this.  Facts, logic, and reason be damned, we must do real damage to Sarah Palin, talk radio, and the Tea Parties, and we must do it now.


We are the only ones who offer social and economic justice.  We are the liberal elite, we know what is good for America, and you (the average American) do not.  We must impose our vision on the U.S.A. no matter what this might require us to do.  We are the noble, the enlightened, the compassionate, the visionaries.  The conservative opposition are the evil, the selfish, the ignorant, and the stupid.

The biggest mistake made by President Obama and the Democratic majority in congress after the January 2009 inauguration was our failure to immediately silence all right-wing dissent.  We will not make that mistake again.

(Note: Hopelessly Misguided Liberal is a fictional character.)

Why Do Liberals Lie So Much?

Conservatives and especially Christian conservatives find it hard to comprehend how and why liberals lie so easily.  Many liberals seem to lie without the slightest guilt or compunction.

For left-wing politics, lying goes back to the Russian Bolsheviks or earlier.  The masses were lied to because the ruling elite (or the ruling elite to be) felt that the ends (Marxism) justified any means, and the masses were too stupid and ignorant to know what was good for them.  But the ruling elite knew exactly what was good for them.  Leftists have a rather low opinion of the masses, the average citizen.

Liberalism is like a religion, and it has zealots as fanatical as any other religion.  But unlike most religions, liberalism has no moral code.  The closest thing to a moral code in liberalism is “don’t get caught”.  Ethics are situational, and totally up for interpretation.  The truth is subjective, and the truth is merely what you want it to be.  To the fanatic the leftist cause is so noble, so sacred that any lying or cheating for the leftist cause is justified.

When a liberal lies to the American public, he is in effect saying,

You are too stupid to know what is good for you. I know what is good for you.  I will say anything I need to say to convince you my way is the right way.”

If liberals were honest about their vision for this country few people would ever vote for them.  Liberals must lie to us in order to impose the tyranny of liberalism upon us.

One Of The Top Liberal Lies: “Tax Cuts For The Rich”

Most of those making higher incomes and paying the top marginal income tax rate are not wealthy.  Most people consider someone wealthy if they have a net worth of several million dollars or more.  So most of those paying these upper marginal rates are not wealthy, but they may be trying to become wealthy.

Again, like their old Bolshevik brethren, liberals try to make the public envy and even hate the wealthy.  But capitalism depends upon the wealthy.  Much of the investment that drives the growth of our economy comes from the wealthy.  We do ourselves a great disfavor by demonizing the wealthy.  We damage our economy when we penalize the successful.  We suppress our economy when we overtax those who invest.  And many who would invest in growth will not do so if they are taxed too heavily, or if government makes the risks unacceptable.   Many small business are impacted by high upper marginal income tax rates.  To say that cuts in the upper income tax rates don’t spur the economy and spur employment is silly left-wingnut “voodoo economics”.

The next time you hear a liberal use the phrase “tax cuts for the rich” remember they are either knowingly being dishonest, and they have been misled by the prevailing liberal dogma.  Income taxes are not based upon wealth, they are based upon income.