December 2017
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Nuking yet another liberal lie, “Medicare is more cost-efficient than those evil for-profit private health insurance plans.”

Oh those evil corporations, making a disgraceful 4% average profit.

The truth is when you look at administrative costs correctly Medicare is more expensive, and less money gets to the patient.  This is true even though private insurers incur taxes of about 2-4%.

And when you factor in the cost of fraud, then there is no contest, about 10% of Medicare cost is wasted in fraud.

Honestly now, how often have you ever seen a public sector service that could out-perform the private sector?

Given the fundamental importance of maintaining a limited government, how much more cost-efficient would the public option need to be for it to be justified?  Even if Medicare were more efficient (instead of less) how much additional efficiency over the private sector would a public option need to achieve in order to make it worth the risk?   Is there no risk imposed by growing government by that much?  The consequences are things like tyranny and corruption, the historically familiar symptoms of a government that has grown too large and powerful.

When liberals and progressives try to tell you Medicare is less expensive, and a public option would be more efficient, just tell them they are once again lying their slimy butts off.

Want another (even more dramatic) comparison? Contrast Social Security with the ordinary interest of an insured bank account.  If you had put all the money you and your employer contributed over your working life into an insured bank account instead of Social Security, you would have a comfortable retirement income, not just a measly back-up income.  Social Security is an inefficient government gyp, and an enormous waste of money.  Government has no business being directly involved in retirement plans, back-up or otherwise.  Nor does it have any business getting directly involved in health care or health insurance.

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