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The Scurrilous ClaimThat Republicans Want To Sabotage The Economy

This is a familiar claim made by some on the left, and it does not stand up to scrutiny.

Remember that many on the right are supply-siders. We know that reducing taxes will often spur an economy. We know this because it has been proven out a number of times. The most recent example would be the Bush tax cuts of 2003. GDP growth increased considerably after these cuts.

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Income and Capital Gains tax revenue also increased. These cuts did not cost us, they did not increase the deficit, that is another common liberal lie.

Conversely, tax hikes are often recessionary, this is basic Economics 101 stuff.

If I were in the GOP controlled congress and I really wanted to sabotage the economy, I could do it easily. All I would have to do get a bill passed that increased the upper marginal income tax rate (and only the upper rate) to 40%. Then I would increase the Capital Gains tax to 25%.

By the way, for those of you who are (NEA union goon) math challenged, that is a 67% increase, not a 10% increase. Here is the math:


((25/15) -1) * 100 = 67% increase

If the Republicans in congress were not patriots, and if they were willing to make the country suffer to damage Barack Obama that is all they would have to do, raise taxes.  Isn’t this what Barack Obama says he wants?

Do you really think the Democratically controlled Senate would be stupid enough to actually pass a similar bill? Do you actually think Barack Obama would sign it?

I tend to think that even these poor misguided demand-side Keynesian fools would know better than to increase these taxes. But these hypocrites will still attempt to make people believe that tax increases would help reduce the deficit.

I think Barack Obama is clearly an economic illiterate, he must have been cutting class and smoking crack when he should have been attending lectures. So it is possible that he would go along with such foolish increases.

The result would be dramatic, and Americans would suffer economically far more than they are suffering now.

This silly claim is probably a matter of projection on the part of liberals and progressives. For them their cause is more of a pseudo-religion. Progressives would be far more likely to take action that would do great harm to the country, if they thought it would further their “noble” cause. Progressives are notably more un-American and anti-American. They are quite capable of putting their ideology ahead of their country. Republicans and conservatives are far less likely to put their ideology ahead of their country.

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