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How Can Liberals Be So Stupid ?

Our special modified version of the Seattle sign tells what Gun Free Zone signs are really saying.

Our special modified version of the Seattle sign tells what Gun Free Zone signs are really saying.

You have to laugh at these terminally stupid Seattle liberals.  But it really isn’t funny, this is the kind of stupidity that gets people killed.  Sandy Hook Elementary School was a Gun Free Zone, the Century 16 multiplex in Arizona where 12 people died and 70 were injured was also a Gun Free Zone.

Most armed robbers and mass murdering nuts are also cowards.  They want to avoid any place where someone is likely to shoot back.  Gun-grabbing NAZI states like New York have rendered their citizens helpless and incapable of defending themselves.  The cowardly racist nut who opened up on the passengers of a Long Island Railroad commuter train knew he was less likely to encounter return fire.

If you live in Seattle and find a business displaying this sign, perhaps you should inform them that it makes both patrons and employees less safe, not more safe.  Tell them you will try to minimize the time you spend in a place which advertises that everyone is unarmed.

This is so typical of liberal lunacy.  They set out to solve a problem, but the idiotic way in which they go about it usually exacerbates the problem.  When the solution involves government, the attempt at a solution often wastes a lot of money while simultaneously making the problem worse.  Liberals also seem to salivate at any solution that curtails individual rights and freedoms.



11 Responses to “How Can Liberals Be So Stupid ?”

  • TheBigOne:

    Damnt it! I didn’t know there was a spam captcha! GOd fucking damit! I have to type it all over again! And I thought my other comment was going thru!!!!

    Spam Captchas are SO 1998! There are better more effective ways at dealing with spam!

    Now as I was trying to say before I was rudely interuppted the problem is most of this fucking BS is just smoke and mirrors to distract us from the real agents who want to force Agenda 21 down our throats. Don’t know what it is? Then Bing it or Google it!

    Now what I want to know why is it that everytime Obama sells America out suddenly the Conservatives focus on his lesser crimes like the *birth certificate* or sending his pet dog on a private plane while his real deeds like all those Executive orders go unchecked or how terrorist were traded go uncommented?

    The few who do call Obama out on his bigger issues get ignored by the fake Conservatives who scream at him to be impeached which would only bring Joe Biden in and he would be WAY worse then Obama and do it much more quietly.

    At least with Obama he is more open as he knows most people will be too distracted with his little things which I think are planned distractions.

    Do you think this all random or is there even some kind of CIA method organizing all these distractions hoping we will focus on the little issues and attack the wrong people? YOU KNow attack the puppets but not the puppeteers?

    • Izzy Weird:

      Face it, there is a vast conspiracy and they are all plotting in back rooms at this very moment to keep you down.

      But look on the positive side, you have a ready made excuse for not being successful, and you have an enemy you could never hope to vanquish.

      Don’t forget the moon shot was faked and the WTC attack was a false flag attack.

      Millions had to be executed though, because (you see) people just can’t keep secrets. The more who are in on a conspiracy the harder it is to keep it a secret. I hope I have not ruined your day. Some seem to have a real need to believe in these vast conspiracies. It’s as if I am talking blasphemously about someone’s religion.

      If you have suggestions for spam prevention to replace the CAPTCHA I am open to them.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • TheBigOne:

    Dammit! It erased my comments again! I really hate God!!!!

    Now what I want to know is why are blog services monitoring keywords? Disqus I had to replace the word *crap* with *Junk* so my post could get thru in a topic about how homes are getting smaller and smaller.

    One other time I had to remove the word *Clinton* completely so my post will get thru in how our Presidents were all puppets to the NWO. Mentioning Bush was fine but not Clinton.

    Now what if I was INSTEAD talking about the little town of Clinton Washington? How would the censorship know it?

    Are blog services shaking hands with the DHS who monitors are keywords? If so the internet is more screwed then I thought! Since when did the internet become such a walled garden? That was not the original intention for the web so obviously we took a wrong turn in the late 90s.

    My only suspect is that we let the government get involved.

    • Izzy Weird:

      We do not monitor keywords here, but you never know what the NSA is up to. We do monitor for URLs in comments and usually delete them.

  • TheBigOne:

    One las thing. Why doesn’t God do anything about this crappity crap? It’s like God is apathetic about it?

    • Izzy Weird:

      Are you sure there is a God?

      • Martha:

        I am sure there is a God. Think about – this world just did not happen accidentally. God sent his son to die for our sins and we simply have to believe that only by the death and resurrection of Jesus by him we can get to heaven. Faith – people use faith in not believing.
        God does not make us his slaves / property we have free will.

  • Clara:

    I came to your How Can Liberals Be So Stupid ?

    Good work.

  • RobertWhise:

    The best fitness tip for building up your arms is to work opposite muscles in opposite sets of each other. The best example would be to work the triceps and then the biceps. Each has the opportunity to rest while the other is being worked. This minimizes your time and maximizes your workout.

    Editor’s note: While the article was about stupid liberals it was nice of someone with a .RU email address to demonstrate stupid Russians for us.

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