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What actually drives the liberal progressive to strongly favor government control?

Mention mandate, directive, or requirement and many progressive liberals have a Pavlovian reaction, they salivate and some even drool. 


What is it that causes them have this apparently irresistible and neurotic desire for centralized government control?

Conversely, mention self reliance (especially self defense), or self determination and many liberals will visibly bristle.  Their emotional reaction to such a notion is consistent with someone who perceives a personal threat.

Why is it that progressive liberals so strongly favor a tightly controlled population?  Why are liberals such central control freaks?

One possible reason is that progressives and liberals are “order freaks”.

Liberals and progressives may be suffering from Ataxophobia, the fear of disorder. 

For them society is much too chaotic, much too disorderly.  A chaotic society is more difficult to understand, perhaps impossible to understand.  The chaos of free capitalism is a fearsome thing for them.  The order of Marxism, Communism, or Socialism (even Fascism) is far less fearsome.  Thus it is much easier to comprehend and understand.

Never mind that these systems never seem to function as planned.  Never mind that such concentrated power inevitably becomes dictatorial and even brutal and murderous.  Never mind that personal freedom and individual rights are usually sacrificed for some notion of a “common good”.  The liberal/progressive mind has such a neurotic fear of chaos that none of these horrible side effects seem to matter.

The choice is one of almost pure emotion, a knee-jerk reaction to the fear of chaos and disorder.  Logical arguments, like the history of concentrated government power are simply ignored.  Liberals are so afraid of chaos and unpredictability that they are virtually blind to the threat of big government tyranny.

Liberals often cite the fallibility of human beings, the fact that capitalism is driven by greed, and that greed and ambition often drive people to exploit and abuse others.  But they seem oblivious to the fact that strong authoritarian statist systems suffer from the same human fallibilities.  The same humans who run big corporations also run big governments.  To varying degrees, a lot of the same greed and ambition drives all of these people.

It can be argued that when comparing political leaders to corporate leaders, corporations are considerably better at attracting talent.  Corporations are somewhat less likely to attract the corrupt, and corporations considerably better at attracting natural leaders.

There is a reason why we strive to distribute authority, and why we try to create systems with checks and balances.  This is because we recognize that humans are imperfect, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The fear of chaos and disorder is emotional and irrational, and it leads people toward the false security of big government tyranny.





3 Responses to “What actually drives the liberal progressive to strongly favor government control?

  • Jimmy:

    Remember too that many of these large Corporations took government handouts (Crony Capitalism). There is a huge difference between Corporatism and Capitalism. When working in a Corporatist climate there is a deep feeling of external control, whereas working for a ground up independent business (Capitalism) there is a feeling of freedom and independence.

    As one example; working at a large wire-house like Morgan Stanley or JPMorgan one is expected to push proprietary products regardless of the suitability of the investment. Sure they will say that the investments must be suitable but as long as they follow federally mandated programs and protocols, they pretty much can do as they please — they are sell-outs — and will be bailed-out (and given hand-outs) because of it.

    At an independent firm one has the freedom to choose from a wide array of investment products and is not held down by a thick corporate culture. It is more human at these firms — it is way easier to be yourself — you’re not held down by the shackles of government sponsored Corporatist control. Only by excessive government regulations (which is an encroachment upon your civil liberties).

    Once any company gives in to a hand-out it is the beginning of the end for them.

    The government knows this and it is why they are pushing not only for Socialism but for all out Corporatism. This way they can have total control rendering the individual and his Civil Liberties obsolete — in their mind anyway.

    In the end the Trump card is an enlightened populace via knowledge and wisdom. You can try to control information as much as you want but with the advent of global information in the internet (in conjunction with the unchangeable laws of objective Reality under God and or Nature) it has become an extremely daunting (futile) task for them. Hence the current desperation of the mainstream media (paid for by the Federal government).

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