February 2018
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Ignorant & Misguided Portland Protestors Demonstrate For $15 Minimim Wage.


Many of these are students, suckers who think they are getting an education. But what they are really getting is political indoctrination. They are being gypped by the tenured progressive activists at their schools. They are being made into both suckers and misguided fools.

A living wage for an 18-year-old still living at home, or four singles sharing an apartment is not the same as what a family of four might require.

And a living wage in one part of the country might be way overkill in an other.

So the entire concept a living wage is ludicrous.

What these noisy idiot protesters fail to recognize is that a minimum wage harms entry level workers and increases unemployment.  One is tempted to ask if some of these fools support a high minimum wage simply because it is harmful to a capitalist economy.

There should be NO MINIMUM WAGE. Wages are the business of the employer, not the government.

Watch the video, at the end some McDonalds customers start chanting, “You suck shit”.  LMAO this is a spontaneous counter demonstration.

But what we really need are Patriot Vigilantes, counter demonstrators who are already in place at these locations, and ready to lob arguments back at the protesters. It would be easy to get advance notice of a protest. Leftists have never been known for ethics or integrity. Just pay some mole for the information.

These vigilantes need to be carefully screened so they never incite violence. But they must be well prepared to defend themselves against the collectivist Fascist leftists. If the leftists get violent then the vigilantes need to bust some heads. That will be a truly educational experience for many of the protestors.

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