July 2017
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Socialist activist Kshama Sawant is a member of the Seattle City Council, and she is a disgrace to the City of Seattle.

This appallingly misguided woman would nationalize Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. It is a very sad day in the USA when a notoriously un-American woman like this can be elected to office.

Celebrate Cultural Dysfunction

Sawant hails from India, a country that is a cultural basket case. Apparently she wants the USA to become the same sort of “human hell” as India. Revoke her citizenship and send her back to India.


The Epic Fail Known As Socialism

Socialism is born of ignorance and stupidity, it is antithetical to freedom and individual rights. Socialism usually results in tyranny and equal misery for all but the ruling elite. Socialism (like Fascism, Marxism, and Communism) is a scourge of humanity. Socialists whine about the concentrated power of corporations and the rich. But Socialists are willfully ignorant (and hopelessly hypocritical) regarding the dangers of concentrated government power.



Go back and screw up the place where you were born.


  • Izzy Weird:

    I’d like to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy Indigenous Redskin Day.

  • Jay Taco:

    What about the rising gap between those super rich / corporate elite and the American poor? Is there any chance that our mutated capitalism is putting TOO much power in the hands of the super rich? Does is make a difference if power is overly concentrated in a non-elected dictatorial government or in a group of non-elected super-rich capitalists? I mean, how is one better than the other? I can see how jumping on the bandwagon of “liberals suck” can be tempting, but I think it is grossly oversimplifying and close-minded. Does every liberal idea suck just because it came from a liberal? I used to consider myself a conservative, but now I don’t want to “align” myself with either group.

    • Izzy Weird:

      I think the fear of the “super rich” is exaggerated. Although, when it involves criminals or convicted felons like George Soros I am more concerned. When a rich person, like Soros is making huge profits off of government subsidies while financing the campaigns those who dole out these subsidies I am concerned.

      Crony capitalism is a perversion of capitalism and it has infected both parties. The danger of undue influence on our government by the so-called super rich is greatly increased as the size and power of the government increases.

      The gap between the rich and poor is not as big a problem as those on the left claim it to be. But this gap has become larger under Barack Obama’s misguided economic policies. The way to reduce this gap is with a thriving free market, not through some kind of Marxist redistribution.

      The thing that liberals seem to ignore is that large government is nearly always dictatorial. Our freedom depends upon maintaining a limited government.

  • Jay Taco:

    Concentrated government power is a huge problem if you have a “democracy” filled with uninformed voters making decisions based on who has the most memorable sound bites and 30-second ads.

    • Izzy Weird:

      I wonder how memorable Kshama Sawant’s ads were. It must take a lot of uninformed voters to elect an admitted Socialist.

      What a disgrace!

  • Limboaz:

    Socialism is an utter fail, however, there has been a concentration of wealth in the tech industry and in the cable/entertainment industry. There are several reasons for this: corruption (lobbying, campaign contributions,etc.), lack of anti-trust enforcement, and software patents that thwart competitors. Republicans fail when they deregulate industries where we have monopolies, or oligopolies (think Comcast for example). Regardless, Sawant is a dangerous loon. Shame on her.

    • Izzy Weird:

      Hi Limboaz,

      No private concentration of power compares to Socialism (or any other totalitarian-collectivist ideology including Fascism). The bigger and more powerful our government the more often the private sector will seek favors. The private sector needs to be regulated. ALL political contributions above a certain level need to be a matter of public record. This should include the 501(c)(4) PACs. We need to know who is trying to influence the government and which politicians are the beneficiaries.

      The fact that Hillary Clinton is not yet in prison is an indication that our bribery laws are inadequate.

      Not all software patents are unfair or unwarranted. Intellectual Property (IP) needs to be protected.

      The public sector is inferior to the private sector in attracting talented and skilled people. In addition the continuous birth and death of companies keeps the private sector far more healthy. The public sector pretty much lacks this entire self-correcting “mechanism”.

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