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Izzy’s Famous Obama Poll

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Legal Disclaimer:

This poll is meant in no way, shape or form to suggest that the President of the United States be assassinated. The purpose of this post is to gauge public animosity and contempt for this treasonous president.

Izzy Weird

Let’s Talk About Assassination

This has got to be one of the saddest pictures I can think of. Did JFK deserve to be shot? Of course not. Does Barack Obama deserve to be shot? Well some people seem to think so. But no matter who you are or what groups you may be affiliated with a presidential assassination will bring you and everyone associated with you literally decades of consequences.

Whether it is some right-wing nut acting out, or a country like Israel with a justified gripe an attempt on any American president’s life is a very stupid idea.

Barack Obama seems to delight in poking a stick in many peoples’ eyes. If anyone appeared to be encouraging an assassination attempt it would have to be him. I have a great fear that some misguided right-winger is going to do just that. Let me tell you, such an act, successful or not would do damage to the conservative movement for decades to come.

I agree that Barack Obama is a scumbag, a narcissist, an Islamofascist apologist, and a Marxist. In addition, he is an unapologetic liar. I believe him to be a traitor to his country, and to allies like Israel as well. I believe he has done a number of things each of which is sufficient for him to be impeached. But I am aware that DC Republicans are way too cowardly to ever impeach a black man.

No white man with Barack Obama’s personality flaws, lack of experience. or hostility toward the USA could ever have been elected. It took the cowardice of the US media, the compulsive white guilt of US liberals, and the racism of black Americans to elect this dirt-bag.

But we are stuck with him until January 2017. Deal with it, and make sure you have learned a hard lesson. Don’t be mislead into thinking that assassination is a solution. Don’t be a party to the biggest mistake anyone could possibly make.

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