February 2018
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Anti-Trumpers Totally Misread The Trump Phenomenon

Donald Trump did not create a movement, rather a movement or a cluster of movements adopted him.

This is significant for this reason. The attempt to destroy or politically damage President Trump will not destroy these movements. While it may discourage many people to some degree, it is more likely to instill these movements with an even greater resolve.

Trump’s support comes from many sectors of public opinion. A lot of the sentiment is similar to that of the Tea Party groups. Much of Trump’s support comes from people who are dissatisfied with corruption and influence peddling in Washington, DC. A lot of his support comes from people who are concerned about the invasion of illegal aliens. These people are not anti-immigration. Immigration is a legal process, illegals are not immigrants.

Some of Trump’s support comes from people dissatisfied with the current state of the media. Other support comes from those concerned about the vast expansion of government bureaucracies. These un-elected bureaucrats are often creating laws and regulations beyond their constitutional authority.

Trump opponents make a huge mistake in thinking that all they have to do is discredit or destroy him and the movement behind him will disappear. This movement was here long before Trump and it will be here long after. The fanatical and irrational opposition to Trump merely illustrates to many of us that serious reform of the US government is even more desperately needed. This opposition also reveals this effort will take a lot more time and a lot more resolve.

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