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One Of The Top Liberal Lies: “Tax Cuts For The Rich”

Most of those making higher incomes and paying the top marginal income tax rate are not wealthy.  Most people consider someone wealthy if they have a net worth of several million dollars or more.  So most of those paying these upper marginal rates are not wealthy, but they may be trying to become wealthy.

Again, like their old Bolshevik brethren, liberals try to make the public envy and even hate the wealthy.  But capitalism depends upon the wealthy.  Much of the investment that drives the growth of our economy comes from the wealthy.  We do ourselves a great disfavor by demonizing the wealthy.  We damage our economy when we penalize the successful.  We suppress our economy when we overtax those who invest.  And many who would invest in growth will not do so if they are taxed too heavily, or if government makes the risks unacceptable.   Many small business are impacted by high upper marginal income tax rates.  To say that cuts in the upper income tax rates don’t spur the economy and spur employment is silly left-wingnut “voodoo economics”.

The next time you hear a liberal use the phrase “tax cuts for the rich” remember they are either knowingly being dishonest, and they have been misled by the prevailing liberal dogma.  Income taxes are not based upon wealth, they are based upon income.

14 Responses to “One Of The Top Liberal Lies: “Tax Cuts For The Rich””

  • La Zanya Baker:

    Right on, dude!

  • Hopelessly Misguided Liberal:

    Don’t you know you’re supposed to tone down this right-wing rhetoric. Otherwise another liberal nut-case may shoot another conservative Democrat.

  • Henrietta Phearsdorf:

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  • Cottonelle Butler:

    Or the bigger lie, tax cuts for the super rich. Of those paying the upper income tax rates, a very small minority are “super rich”.

  • Kelol:

    Okay… Liberals hate the wealthy? This site is clearly anti-democrats rather than anti-liberals, as I think that you are an republican. Liberalist economy is a free market with little taxes as possible. Republicans want that, don’t they? You completely messed up and thought that liberalism = democrats. Liberalism in economy is more republican and in other things more democrat. That is a little simplified, but it is truth in most cases. And unlike all your sayings true LIBERALS HATE TAXES.

  • Izzy Weird:

    You may be speaking of a definition of liberalism that is now obsolete. Such a definition does not apply to today’s American liberals.

    Today’s liberals want more and bigger government, and someone has to pay for that. Liberals may oppose some taxes for themselves and certain constituents, but in general liberals are for raising, not cutting taxes.

    I often use liberal and Democrat interchangeably. Today’s Democratic Party has been taken over by big-government, big-spending, high-taxing uber-liberals.

  • Cleo Leadbetter:

    You gotta be shittin’ me!!

  • Izzy Weird:

    Take some time, think about it. What is rich, how much net worth makes one “wealthy”?

    The US income tax is not on net worth, but rather income. Many, perhaps most in the upper income tax brackets are not wealthy at all.

    The big liberal lie, and the favorite leftist class-warfare line is that these are the rich, but it is more a lie than the truth.

  • Otto Zone:

    As another halfwit channeling Glen Beck, you’d be better as an ex-patriot. So when are you leaving this liberal country you hate so much?

    • Izzy Weird:

      I like to post responses like these so more people can see what liberals are all about, no arguments, no logic, no facts, just childish anger and hostility.

      I love this country, and that is why I oppose liberalism and progressivism. If allowed to realize their vision for America these leftists would destroy it, and all the precious freedoms we have. I suggest you consider leaving, Otto, there are a number of countries where you won’t have to fight people like me to achieve your Marxism, it is already in place.

      The one fundamental thing liberals seem to be ignorant of (willfully or otherwise) is the necessity of maintaining a limited government.

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  • JoanneHumphrey30:

    People deserve wealthy life and or short term loan would make it much better. Just because freedom is grounded on money state.

    • Izzy Weird:

      Everyone deserves a shot at becoming wealthy. People should not be penalized for trying to become wealthy. Progressive taxation does not tax the wealthy as much as it taxes those trying to accumulate wealth.

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