February 2018
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Quote:“By any definition, America is no longer a Western nation.”

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My reply:

America is the only West left. Europe has never been big on guaranteeing freedom and individual rights.

Europe can rejoin the West after they have deployed their own Tea Parties. Over the decades the New World has robbed Europe of too many of their best thinkers and doers. What remains in Europe is a statistically higher incidence of lazy, non-thinking, corrupt losers, and freeloaders. (Europe may be slowly recovering from this brain drain, but it could take a very long time, maybe forever. The huge influx of Muslims, and their lack of assimilation does not bode well for the EU either.)

Socialism/Marxism/Progressivism always fails. Obama has given America a priceless gift, a graphic demonstration of the failure of leftist/statist policies.

America exists (and thrives) to a large degree because of the failures (over time) of Europe.

Izzy Weird


(The writer dumped on the US, so Izzy decided to dump on the EU a bit. ROTFL)

Check out this choice quote:

“Take the Tea Party, which has enjoyed godfather-like bankrolling from brothers and billionaire industrialists David and Charles Koch and found a mouthpiece in Rupert Murdoch’s populist, hatred-stirring Fox News.”

Hah! The Tea Party is one of the most grassroots movements recently seen in the USA. And this leftist whiner from the political side of George Soros has the chutzpah (and the familiar leftist dishonesty) to accuse the Tea Party of being funded by some evil force. The writer is obviously way-off on the uber-left and angry at the US right-wingers.
(Give it up. Show us some real evidence or stop wasting our time.)

I listen to Progressive Talk Radio a lot. Liberals are livid and whining loudly. This is a very positive indication for the future of the West, and maybe even the EU.

Imagine someday in the future we will have a balanced budget, smaller government, and lower taxes. Visualize limited government, a very important aspect of preserving our freedom.

Join me, and hold my hand brothers and sisters. Close your eyes, and visualize. Visualize (and imagine) true human compassion has once again replaced involuntary seizure and redistribution.

Maybe not in my lifetime, but the Tea Party is headed in the right general direction.

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